EndeavorOS GRUB root issue discovered

As we have pinpointed in our previous EndeavorOS blog post talking about the same topic over why some of the users reported their UEFI PCs failed to boot after a broken GRUB update was installed, the EndeavorOS team discosed the root issue about this problem.

On this website, it all started when this commit was pushed introducing GRUB to a command called fwsetup –is-supported. If you don’t know what is fwsetup, this program is a GRUB command for entering the UEFI firmware setup program.

Apparently, this commit caused GRUB to not to display UEFI firmware settings if the PC is not supported. This commit was called “efi: Don’t display a uefi-firmware entry if it’s not supported

EndeavorOS team said that “if the version of grub you have installed via the grub-install command didn’t support that command, it caused grub to fail.” Apparently, the users who had their PCs broken as a result of this GRUB update satisfied this condition.

Also, the team said that “prior to the most recent version, grub only registered the fwsetup if detected support.” This means that if their machine detected support for fwsetup and can go to UEFI firmware settings directly from the bootloader, this command would have been found and this problem didn’t occur.

Now, this didn’t only occur on EndeavorOS, it also occurred on the base system, called Arch Linux, because the user discovered the same GRUB defect as seen in this bug report.

We’ll make updates on separate posts as this problem is slowly getting fixed.

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